Tender for: Re-development of the Larnaca Port and Marina Area - 2016

Government of the Republic of Cyprus Re-development of the Larnaca Port and Marina Area - MTCW/LCA1/2016
Invitation for Expressions of Interest -  23 November 2016
1.1. The Ministry of Transport Communications and Work (“MTCW” or the “Contracting Authority”) of the Republic of Cyprus (“RoC”) has committed to proceed with a long term concession for the re-development and commercial exploitation of the Larnaca Port and Marina area (the “Project”), through an international competitive tender process (the “Tender Process”). 
1. Introduction  
1.2. This is an invitation to potentially interested parties that are individuals, single legal entities or consortia ("Interested Parties" and each an "Interested Party") to express an interest in entering into a concession agreement with the Contracting Authority (this "Invitation"). 
1.3. The purpose of this Invitation is to guide Interested Parties on the terms and conditions for the submission of an expression of interest ("Expression of Interest") and to outline the personal situation criteria ("Personal Situation Criteria"), the financial eligibility criteria ("Financial Eligibility Criteria"), and the technical eligibility criteria ("Technical Eligibility Criteria") (together the "Pre-Qualification Criteria") described below, being the basis on which Interested Parties will be selected to participate in the next phases of the procurement process as defined in Article 3. 
2. Description of the Asset 
2.1. The Larnaca Port and Marina Area (the “Asset”) subject to re-development, is located on the southeast coast of Cyprus at a distance of 6km from the Larnaca International Airport. The Asset is extending along the seafront of the city of Larnaca, adjacent to its center.   
2.2. The Asset, comprises of  a total area of approximately 510,000 sq.m, and includes the following: 
a. the Larnaca Marina; 
b. the Larnaca Port; and 
c. the land area, mostly unexploited, surrounding the marina and port infrastructure. 
2.3.  Detailed information regarding the Asset is available under Annex B - Summary Information Memorandum. 

3. Scope of the Project 
3.1. The scope of the Project is to develop the Asset as a mixed-use development, combining a state-of-the-art marina, a modern and functional port and a real estate development, which may include residential, tourist, retail and office uses. It is envisaged that the contractual arrangement will be in the form of a long-term concession agreement. 
3.2. The overall objective is the successful, innovative and viable re-development of the Asset, addressing the following: 
a. the integrated development of the Asset, aiming at the regeneration of the wider area by increasing its attractiveness to visitors, residents, cruise passengers, marina users and the general public; 
b. the upgrade of the Marina facilities and thereafter their operation to the highest international standards; 
c. the modern and proper operation of the commercial port in order to serve the regional commercial needs of Larnaca and its hinterland taking into consideration the rest of the uses; 
d. the development and expansion of the cruise terminal operations; 
e. the transformation of the Asset to a high quality sea front. 

4. Objectives of the Contracting Authority 
4.1. The wider benefits sought by the Contracting Authority are summarized below: 
a. ensure a successful and feasible innovative redevelopment of the Asset; 
b. re-development of the Port so as to attract the development of the cruise market in the Eastern Mediterranean and respond to demand whilst also addressing the needs of the commercial freight activities; 
c. transform the Marina into a high quality recreation harbor; 
d. development of the Port and Marina facilities to acceptable international standards in a timely manner to match the growing needs of Cyprus’ economy; 
e. transfer of responsibility to the qualified Interested Party for the marketing of the Port and Marina to realize the above; 
f. development of the surrounding land of the existing Port and Marina aiming to transform the area to be made more attractive to cruise passengers, marina users and the general public; 
g. operation of the Port and Marina to the highest standards. 

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