Provision of Advisory Services to the Government for the successful completion of the process of the re-development of the Larnaca Port and Marina Area - Tender

Αποσπάσματα από την προσφορά που δημοσιεύθηκε με τον πιο πάνω τίτλο στις 13/10/2015 ....

The provision of the Advisory Services to the Government, aimed at the successful completion of the process for the Redevelopment of Larnaca Port and Marina Area under the categories of the CPV classification as shown in paragraph 2.2, as identified in detail in the Tender Documents
The Contract Budget consists of a Fixed Fee of €450.000 payable during the process, and a Success Fee payable after transaction closing.
The total fee (TF) is capped to €1.200.000
Competent Official
Ministry of Transport Communications and Works, Public Works Department, 165, Strovolos Avenue, 2048 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. 357 22806764  Fax. 357 22806921   e-mail : saritidou@pwd.gov.cy  


The Government of the Republic of Cyprus, through the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works seeks to select an experienced Advisory Team aiming to redevelop the Larnaca Port and Marina and the Surrounding Area. The selected Advisors will assist the Government in navigating the process of the redevelopment of the Larnaca Port and Marina Area, to a competent Investor, to the best benefit of the Republic of Cyprus and Cyprus economy. They will be expected to carry out all services, discussions and activities related to the preparation, tendering and transaction and they will be responsible for the coordination of the overall process.
The Advisory Team should comprise as a minimum of the following skill sets :
  • marina development and investment advisory and related services
  • real estate investment & development advisory and related services expertise
  • port (mainly cruise) advice on operation, investment & development
  • relevant investor & operator access and insights
  • valuation; financial structuring; regulation and technical expertise in relation to marinas and [cruise] ports;
  • transaction process design and management;
  • transaction documentation; and legal advice and documentation in support of all aspects of the project.
  • destination marketing and development and relevant tourism analysis and advisory expertise
Relevant country background
Cyprus, the most eastern island of the European Union, is a well-known European tourist destination at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, thus enjoying a strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an island of diversified natural beauty, has an excellent climate with an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, spectacular scenery, high quality beaches, picturesque villages and cool pine-clad mountains up to 2,000 metres high. Besides its physical beauty, Cyprus has also a distinctive archaeological and cultural wealth, originating from its 9,000 year-old history. All these, combined with the traditional hospitality, which distinguishes Cypriot people, and the excellent services that are provided, make Cyprus an attractive tourism destination.
Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the Cypriot economy and plays a major role in the economic and social development of Cyprus. The island’s geographical position means that the vast majority of tourists arrive and leave by air.
The Government, in close collaboration with other important bodies such as the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (“CTO”), the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents and the Cyprus Hoteliers Association, undertakes joint ventures for the promotion of Cyprus tourism.
Larnaca is the third largest city on the southern coast of Cyprus with a population of approximately 85000.
Larnaca accommodates the largest international airport of the island with a capacity of 7,5 million passengers per year, being only a few kilometres away from the Port and Marina which are situated on the palm-tree seafront within walking distance of the city center.
The Larnaca port is currently operated by the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA), a semi-governmental organisation, while the adjacent Marina is operated by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), also a semi-governmental organisation. CPA is in the process of being restructured to enhance its regulatory role. After the conclusion of the current process both CPA and CTO will retain their land ownership of the Port and the Marina respectively.
In the previous years a DBFO procedure for the redevelopment of the Larnaca Port and Marina was in place which finally did not achieve a financial close.
Thereafter, following a relevant Council of Ministers Decision dated 14.7.2015 the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works has been assigned to proceed
with the launching of a new procedure for the redeveloping the Larnaca Port and Marina Area under a wider scope.
The re-development of Larnaca Port and Marina Area will play a significant role in the economic growth of Cyprus, and more specifically Larnaca, as a major marina, cruise, passenger, residential,tourist and leisure, destination


2.1 Overall objective
The overall objective of the present Contract is the provision of the consultancy services for the necessary advice including amongst others, all financial and technical aspects for the re-development of the Larnaca Port and Marina Area. Purpose
The purpose of the Project is to provide the most appropriate proposals to the government as how to:
i) Ensure a successful and feasible innovative redevelopment of the asset.
ii) Consider the re-development of the Port so as to attract the development of the cruise market in the Eastern Mediterranean and to expand tthe respond to demand whilst also addressing, if so decided, the needs of the commercial freight activities
iii) Expand and transform the Marina into a high quality recreation harbour
iv) Develop the Port and Marina facilities to acceptable international standards in a timely manner to match the growing needs of the Cyprus economy
v) Transfer responsibility to the Concession Company for the marketing of the Port and Marina to realise the above
vi) Develop the sourounding land of the existing Port and Marina, as an integral part of the Project aiming to transform the area to be made more attractive to cruise passengers, marina users and the general public
vii) Realise value from the land development, thus providing funds from which the Port and Marina could be re-developed.
viii) Create a transaction structure that will ensure specific points of responsibility (Concession Companies), which will be responsible for all aspects of the Project and with which the Government can deal
ix) Maximise concession payments to the Government within the context of maximising overall value for money.
x) Operate the Port and Marina to the highest standards.

2.2 Expected results
By the end of the Project it is expected that the Advisors Team, shall carry out all the necessary preparatory, procedural and structuring work and design and manage through conclusion of the competitive process. The scope is to grant the most appropriate contract, (concession to competent investors through the most appropriate and effective method according to their studies and results. The Advisors Team will be expected to deliver advice and execute the MTCW’s decisions on the following principal tasks. This should not be viewed as the complete list of tasks. MTCW would expect the Advisors Teams to identify any additional areas which, based on their experience, might be part of the project. Furthermore, MTCW would expect the successful Advisors Teams to include any additional items that may arise from time-to-time or which might not have arisen at the time of this tender:
  • review and assessment of available documentation
  • identification of additional required documentation and ensure its preparation.
  • support in the definition of the Republic of Cyprus’ and the MTCW’s principal criteria for the project
  • description of the potential local and regional operating and competitive environment and what it may mean for the design and marketing of the project and how it will be impacted from it
  • definition and assessment of other stakeholder and potential investor/operator interests
  • definition and assessment of the most favorable options for the Project
  • definition and assessment of transaction structure options
  • planning and management of the chosen transaction option
  • identification of and proposals for compliance with relevant regulatory issues
  • identification of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the investors shall have to meet
  • design and management of the project process
  • valuation and gross/net proceeds structure options for the project
  • design and management of the overall project timetable and specific work-streams
  • support in the co-ordination, in conjunction with [MTCW], of other national and local agencies relevant to the process
  • conducting of marketing processes initially in the form of market sounding to test investor interest to participate in the chosen option
  • adjustment of the process to reflect feedback from market sounding to include preselection criteria if preselection to be adopted
  • identification of commercial and operating criteria for contracting counter-parties
  • design and drafting of process and transaction documentation
  • conducting of a competitive tender or tenders for the project in one or two stages
  • expressions of interest / bids evaluation process
  • preselected bidder / preferred bidder selection, according to the method chosen
  • monitoring of final negotiations and closing of the agreement
  • preparation, contribution to or drafting of such internal or third documents as may be reasonably required for a successful process (i.e. internal ministry, wider government documentation, the EU)
  • preparation of the monitoring of the execution of the agreement
  • provision of Public Relations (PR) and Visual Data Room (VDR) services through specialized subcontractors
The Contract Scope is the provision of Advisory services to the Government of the Republic of Cyprus aimed at the successful completion of the process of redeveloping the Larnaca Port and Marina Area, to the best benefit of the Republic of Cyprus and Cyprus economy. The aim is to attract investors and transform the existing asset under consideration into a unique leisure/tourist destination.
The vision is to:
  • develop the area as a mixed Marina and Urban Resort facility,
  • to create an international Mediterranean destination with a distinctive personality,
  • to expand the existing port into a Modern and Functional Port capable of serving mega cruise ships and mega yachts,
  • to develop and expand the land and real estate market,
  • to combine hospitality, retail shopping and land development
  • to differentiate and upgrade the asset and the services to be offered
The Advisors will be responsible for the coordination of the overall process. The Government, through a separate tender, will select Legal Advisors for the legal drafting of the transaction documents once the method to proceed is decided by the Government, subject to the Advisors Team studies and recommendations. It is noted these Legal Advisors will follow the timetable of the Advisors Team that will be selected through the current procedure. The Advisors Team will make available to the successful Legal Advisors all information/decisions/technical drafting needed for the execution of their work.

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