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WE WATCH Rik1 news most nights because the static topic subtitles (Mega and Sigma's are fast moving and Antenna uses barely visible white lettering on sky blue background) give us time to scour our two dictionaries in search of English translations; an easy way to ameliorate our knowledge of the Greek language and its variable usages. Of course, the newscaster reads from a well prepared script, which is not always easy to follow for us and many less young compatriots, who left school at 12 years of age to work on the land and, like us, rejoice alone in the local dialect – 'ta vareda'. 

 The manner in which one uses a language usually defines one's level of education and origins. But most are lost when Yiannakis Omirou (president of the House of Reps) opens his mouth with supremely worded prepared statements. And has anyone noticed how our self appointed future president, DISY's Nicos Anastassiades has suddenly taken on a theatrical air of seriousness in an attempt to convince voters that he's the next top dog, although when speaking unguarded, he still resorts to pronouncing 'kai' as 'jay'? 

   Nicos, an acclaimed comedian, should take care not end up like our present president who, towards the finale of his first and only term of office, cuts through ribbon tape in a manner suggesting he alone designed, built and financed any new school, road to Kellaki (his and Elsi's country estate), monument or civic centre, whilst stubbornly refusing to accept any blame for the Mari disaster and dire state of the economy. 

   Just why did we need two separate and wordy inquiries into the disaster if not to permit the second (that of the attorney-general's inquiry delivered two months later) to refute the findings of the first (the Polyviou inquiry)? They should have been prepared, and their findings announced, at the same time, thus eliminating opportunities for jiggery-pokery, the AG's inquiry serving to exonerate those responsible for the worst ever disaster committed on this island by an islander or islanders – take your pick!

   Blame (?????????) is the word in fashion at the moment and employed generously by politicians of all colours. Instead of sorting out the economy, our president, soon to be crowned president of the EU Council of Ministers, blames his so called 'friend' Athanasios Orphanides for not keeping our banks in check while professing that gas and oil will save Cyprus from long term economic decline.   

   Then why do we have the highest cost electricity and milk, second highest pharmaceutical cost and the largest number of public employees per head of the population in Europe - unfair competition between retailers due to sales restrictions, cartels denying consumer free choice, 39 overstaffed and overpaid SGO's and illegal duties charged on imported vehicles from EU member states?

   And just why has this government not yet implemented a National Health Insurance Scheme a decade after it was first muted? Why is Cyprus the only member state of the EU not offering crematorium facilities? Just why are over 120,000 title deeds still outstanding to householders? And just why is the Environment Commissioner, Charalambos Theopemptou calling for volunteers to clean up the countryside but not the towns, where the real filth is? He should take a look at the rubbish strewn state of the car park situated opposite the House of Reps! 

   This present government has hidden the answers to the above questions behind a promise of jobs in a now failed Qatari/Cyprus real estate project, an about-to-be bungled 600 million euro deal with a Chinese company to take over the old Larnaca airport and create ten thousand jobs, and the yet to be substantiated wealth from extracting gas from Block 12 then liquefying it at a plant cost of 10 billion euros. 

   Perpetual hiring and firing of commerce and finance ministers only go to show how hopelessly lost our president is. 

   Unemployment is heading for 15 per cent of the working population (highest ever in the construction industry and private sector since 1974) as shops close down and small businesses go broke, in some cases owing millions to insolvent banks! Is it not time that unemployment rose in parallel in the public sector, or as many now call it, the non working sector, not forgetting those grossly wasteful SGOs like the electricity authority, water board, etc?

   And to cap it all in this past four and a bit years of AKEL's mismanagement, our president, who promised to solve the Cyprob during his term of office (a promise made by a man who would be God or a fool!) now blames Mr Dervis Eroglu and Turkey for his abject failure to do so.

   Language and its expert usage is a prerequisite in our political milieu. Loquacious as some of our MPs are, their words seem not to embolden actions, only stagnation. And words alone will not save us. While our banks and national airline collapsed, we watched the 'in-betweeners' (DIKO, EDEK, EVROKO and the Greens) search in vain for a leader to represent them in the 2013 presidential elections rather than, during this critical juncture in Cyprus' economic and social history, address any of the island's real problems.

   Perhaps, like our president, they seek not to be blamed for anything, and by doing so, fail abysmally to justify their keep. 



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