The initiative was created in collaboration with the office of the Environment Commissioner Mr. Charalambos Theopemptou, the Media Studios production company and the advertising agency DeLeMa/McCann Erickson.

The aim of the initiative is to promote a series of environmental issues which we hope will sensitize the public and hopefully prompt them into taking action towards their diminishment.  We believe that one of the most successful and effective ways to achieve this is through a production of public awareness films or, as we call them, PSAs (Public Service Announcements).

We are currently producing 12, 30’ PSAs which are scheduled to air from all major TV Stations in Cyprus this coming September.

One of these PSAs is focused on the abandonment of cars which one can witness all over Cyprus. It is not only an unsightly view but with very hazardous results for the public and towards the environment.

The Production cost for each PSA is estimated around €11.000 (from which €4.000 is contributed by Media Studios in the form of services and equipment. The other €3.000 is offered by DELEMA/McERICKSON in the creation of the scenarios and the promotion of the event. This leaves €4.000 (+VAT) to be covered by the sponsor company. Each company can sponsor only one film

The cost estimate above does not include the tremendous amount of hours spend by the office of the Commissioner on advising and supporting the project well as the cost of air time provided for free by all TV stations participating in the initiative.

Should you be interested in this project we would be happy to meet at your convenience to discuss this further.

Elena Aloneftis
Project Leader
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