20  15cm long crocodiles arrived in Larnaca airport, Cyprus, from the Netherlands and were held in the custody of the veterinary services. Despite professional enquiries, no details were provided by the Cypriot authorities as to the husbandry provisions for these animals at the airport. Allegedly the importer, a pet shop owner, did not have permission to keep and sell the animals as pets and it is reported that he was asked to take charge of the animals before they were returned to the Netherlands. This did not happen and the animals were euthanized by a method known to cause pain and suffering.

The international trade in caiman crocodiles is legal and subject to the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) where the species is listed on CITES Appendix II. As a party to CITES, Cyprus is obliged to ensure that animal welfare is safeguarded whilst animals are in its care and CITES has powers to oversee Member States’ actions in this regard. The CITES Secretariat, however, elected to take no action on the issue.


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Importation and euthanasia of a consignment of caiman crocodilians in Cyprus: an assessment of government protocols and the actions of regulatory authorities